DEFRA Emissions types by industrial process


This category contains data on the greenhouse gases - or groups of greenhouse gases - which are typically emitted in association with particular industrial processes. The advice originates from the UK government department DEFRA, as published in their most recent greenhouse gas (GHG) conversion factors documentation.

The information relates specifically to processes in operation in the UK and emissions may differ slightly in other jurisdictions.


Limstone use

The 'limestone use' option refers to usage of limestone in Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) and processes such as those in the glass industry. Not all uses of limestone release CO2.

Fletton brick manufacture

The 'fletton brick manufacture' option is specific to Fletton brick manufacture at the mineral processing stage, a process that uses clay with high organic content. Other types of brick manufacturing in the UK do not release Greenhouse Gases during the processing stage.

5JFJKG2D1HUJ chemical industry, adpic acid
G0HUVPPJRE0H chemical industry, ammonia
POH7742JAUNY chemical industry, caprolactam
DS5JIQVFOBTY chemical industry, carbides
76O4QLGV5Y7N chemical industry, nitric acid
01B8FYNMMPIW chemical industry, petrochemicals
062MMNDMXDAA chemical industry, urea
MZSN556N8NDZ energy industry, coal mining
9M69QG3SFOH4 energy industry, gas production and distribution
C2Z4NOE0HONL energy industry, oil production
MG59B0J5JDKQ energy industry, solid fuel transformation
ZZDCDOQLN5W5 energy industry, venting and flaring from oil/gas production
30T15I0Y9S26 metal production, aluminium
4HIWQE05I24A metal production, iron steel and ferroalloys
ZFI5K8N0GRO5 metal production, magnesium
EVPPQIDVOWR0 metal production, other metals
KJXTLISUSUG0 mineral products, cement production
O9WU7KMV2K6Z mineral products, fletton brick manufacture
O7OVD2L1YNAK mineral products, lime production
FAXX1K0GVCS3 mineral products, limestone use
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