Domestic waste


The category /home/waste contains CO2 emissions factors associated with disposal of a variety of household waste products and disposal methods.

The data incorporates CO2 emissions associated with treating and transporting of waste as well as the emissions which are potentially mitigated where future resource and energy consumption is reduced (e.g. recycling). Depending on the disposal method selected, therefore, the disposal of some waste types results in a negative value for CO2 emissions within CarbonKit - these values represent CO2 emissions saved. All data represents the aggregate global warming effect of six greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, PFC's, HFC's, CFC's) expressed as CO2 equivalents (CO2e).

To use this category select the type of waste using drill downs, then enter the quantity of waste and a disposal method. If no disposal method is entered CarbonKit will return a value associated with landfill disposal.

Disposal methods should be selected and entered as follows:

  • landfill: this calculates the CO2e emissions associated with the disposal of waste in landfill sites.
  • recycling: this calculates the net CO2e emitted in the recycling of waste material (including potential emissions savings where future production is mitigated).
  • thermal: this calculates the CO2e emitted in the combustion of waste products.
  • embodied: these data represent the total CO2e emissions which are embodied within specific waste materials. These values therefore reflect the unit CO2 emissions of future production for a given material and can be considered to represent the CO2 emissions which are saved by choosing not to dispose of a particular waste product.
This data is sourced from the Waste Strategy for England 2007 Annex A (DEFRA). Users should note that, while the absolute values are the same, the signs (+/-) of values in CarbonKit are the opposite of those within the source document. Thus, a net CO2e emission is positive (+) within CarbonKit (in line with all other categories) while a CO2e saving is negative (-).

LLF87MO1J9WF dense plastics
51YZOVMT0Y1X disposable nappies
Z2L4RZQ17TPH garden
C9RXH12Q7IPE general household
KOTVTL3XH8X9 glass
QAWJPV4OZ5SP household sweepings
DUWK424CTWIQ kitchen
S3V8NS6ZP3BE metal cans and foil
SXU1DSI87RC5 paper and card
EJFIW7TD6Q4U plastic film
L1BCGCX12GB7 soil
UX9CBNONW1AB textiles
68HYSH5OJM6W white goods
V1W3GGEUU2IS wood furniture
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Name: Domestic_waste
Full path: /home/waste
Parent Category: Home
Provenance: Defra