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This category is now deprecated. This category represents the most recent DEFRA methodology for stationary fuel combustion and includes up-to-date data together with a richer functionality for calculating indirect ('scope 3') and full life cycle emissions for fuel

This category allows the user to calculate emissions from a certain amount of fuel, measured in mass, energy or volume. It follows the methodology presented in the most recent Defra data and advice.

What the user needs to know

In order to use this category the user must know the amount of fuel used and the units for that measurement - either mass, volume or energy. The user also needs to know, if measuring their fuel use in terms of energy, whether that energy is net or gross.

The data presented here provide emission factors on a Net Calorific Value (CV) and Gross CV basis. If the fuel use is measured in terms of mass or volume the emission factor is the same in both Net and Gross cases. If calculating in terms of energy useage the Net CV emission factors are significantly higher so it is important that the correct emission factor is used. Natural Gas consumption figures quoted in kWh by suppliers in the UK are generally calculated on a Gross CV basis from the volume of gas used. Therefore, the Gross CV emission factor should be used by default for calculations of Natural Gas emissions, unless the supplier states otherwise.

Gross CV or Higher Heating Value (HHV) is the CV under laboratory conditions. Net CV or Lower Heating Value (LHV) is the useful calorific value in typical real world conditions. The difference is essentially the latent heat of the water vapour produced.

How to use this category

This category has three drill downs. Use the first drill, fuel, to select the fuel being used from the following options.

  • aviation spirit
  • aviation turbine fuel - similar to kerosene, refined to a higher quality for aviation use
  • burning oil - also known as kerosene or paraffin used for heating systems
  • coal (industrial) - industry use including collieries, iron and steel, autogeneration, cement production, lime production, public sector, stationary combustion, railways and agriculture
  • coal (electricity generation) - power station use only
  • coal (domestic) - domestic use coal only
  • coking coal
  • compressed natural gas (cng)
  • diesel
  • fuel oil
  • gas oil
  • lpg
  • lubricants
  • naphtha
  • natural gas
  • other petroleum gas
  • petrol
  • petroleum coke
  • refinery miscellaneous
The second drill-down, netOrGross is used to select whether the energy use has been measured in net or gross units; this will only make a difference if the energy profile item value is used rather than the mass or volume.

The third drill-down, unit is used to select which units the fuel use will be entered in, either mass, energy or volume.

The user must then enter a fuel use value as either the mass, energy or volume profile item values. Only one of these profile item values can be used for any single calculation and this must match the unit drill-down selected previously.

The algorithm then multiplies the fuel use value by the appropriate emission factor to give a result of kgCO2e, which includes contributions from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.

BYTNKNTQZZAC aviation spirit, gross, energy
MS3IYQ87H5KY aviation spirit, gross, mass
KM236LWL3Q8I aviation spirit, gross, volume
5GL53EQQFVGM aviation spirit, net, energy
DNJOJE2GAEOX aviation spirit, net, mass
BNLK8O47AI0C aviation spirit, net, volume
Y8OKE8VJ5EXI aviation turbine fuel, gross, energy
B1EM7U88OJB3 aviation turbine fuel, gross, mass
625NKP15A0CR aviation turbine fuel, gross, volume
2BTL3EHH1ACA aviation turbine fuel, net, energy
BY1JPS6GX6CT aviation turbine fuel, net, mass
M3XYYXW6JB80 aviation turbine fuel, net, volume
EYQ68QNV60GT burning oil, gross, energy
QOIPV5RX8MAM burning oil, gross, mass
6VFFOUGIPD4C burning oil, gross, volume
CI67ICD52H2N burning oil, net, energy
WKLFUAQXKTNG burning oil, net, mass
O9YPKQ3WZMSX burning oil, net, volume
20FYFUF5CJHL coal (domestic), gross, energy
6E69EZKMTUAI coal (domestic), gross, mass
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