Indirect Emissions Supply Chain


This section allows users to estimate emissions from the supply chain of a variety of Products. The data is based on the most recent Defra conversion factors. The emission factors used in this category cover indirect emissions from the supply chain only and include contributions from CO2, CH4, N2, HFCs, PFCs and SF6. Therefore, these factors are unlike most emission factors, which deal with direct emissions.

Emission Factor Origin

This category is intended for use as a high-level diagnostic tool and is not a replacement for more specific information if available.

The emission factors here are based on the amount spent (in pounds sterling excluding VAT) on each group of products and include the raw material extraction, processing, manufacturing, transportation and packaging. These factors are derived from a multi-region model, so take some account of emissions relating to imported goods. The results derived here can be combined with direct emission calculations (e.g. those relating to actual fuel use) to provide full life-cycle emissions.

The factors are based on a model of the economy, known as the input-output model, which describes in monetary terms how the goods and services produced by different sectors of the economy are used by other sectors to produce their own output. These monetary accounts are linked to information about the greenhouse gas emissions of different sectors of the economy. By using the input-output model, these emissions are then attributed to the monetary transactions taking place in the economy. The result is an estimate of the total upstream emissions associated with the supply of a particular product group. The input-output tables used here are in 2006 basic prices; therefore, it will be advisable to take subsequent price changes into account when using this category. Changes in the supply chain since this time should also be taken into account.

How to use this category

Selecting an emissions scenario

Use the drill-down productCategory to chose the product type you wish to calculate emissions for.

Specifying activity data

The amountSpent, in pounds sterling, must then be set as a profile item value.

Results and calculation

The quantities returned represent the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the quantities and refrigerant type specified. The following quantities are returned:

  • CO2: quantity of CO2 emissions
  • ch4CO2e: quantity of CH4 emissions expressed in terms of CO2e
  • n2oCO2e: quantity of N2O emissions expressed in terms of CO2e
  • hfcCO2e: quantity of HFC emissions expressed in terms of CO2e
  • pfcCO2e: quantity of PFC emissions expressed in terms of CO2e
  • sf6CO2e: quantity of SF6 emissions expressed in terms of CO2e
  • totalCO2e: total, combined CO2e emissions


CO2e quantities

Emissions in this methodology are pre-converted into CO2e. These conversions are not made by CarbonKit.

WVSE7CVOJ3Q1 agriculture products
QB1B1NNW82YZ air transport
KMZGORPCZ8KY ancillary transport services
4DZECYFEWKM9 articles of concrete and stone etc
B9B6Q3P48U7X auxiliary financial services
73J4D667CKSB banking and finance
GMNK6LF73BF1 cement, lime and plaster
5P7IJQLGBIV3 ceramic goods
HJQ30WRU0GGJ coal and lignite and peat
JWHR7RH7H4A7 computer services
N2VZMBBRC58Y construction
RSRX6HXWA74F crude petroleum and natural gas
Y4Q066MG8X2Q education
TGL5SCRBLHBG electrical machinery
3P2119O37M1E fertilisers
HQZJFUS51EDO fish products
8PHIGGT3GRWI food and drink products
NMUTC1GD80MU forestry products
JAUS033YX2HB furniture and other manufactured goods and recycling services
2K6NP67QBSR2 glass and glass products
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