Life Cycle Biomass


This category is now deprecated. The latest DEFRA methodology for biomass-associated greenhouse gas emissions can be found here.

This category allows the user to calculate life-cycle emissions from biomass. The methodology follows that from the latest Defra data and advice. Full life-cycle emissions are calculated including contributions from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.

Note that this category does not enable the user to calculate direct emissions of carbon dioxide for the combustion of biomass. This is a full life-cycle calculation only.

How to use this category

To use this category firstly use the drill-down type to select the type of biofuel to be included in the calculation from the following options.

  • Wood Pellets - used in domestic biomass heating systems. The emission factor is based on the factor of 0.025 kgCO2/kWh from SAP2005 Table 12.
The quantity of biomass must then be set as a profile item value. The default units for this value are tonnes. The algorithm multiplies this quantity by the appropriate emission factor and returns a value of kgCO2,e, which includes contributions from CO2, N2O and CH4,, emissions.

N5CK1EIUQYTE wood pellets
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Name: Life_Cycle_Biomass
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Parent Category: Defra Life Cycle
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