UK Seasonal Alternative


This category offers an alternative assignment of season names to months from this category. The data is identical.
1LL4MA786BWQ electricity, autumn
7L10MPAY3O5X electricity, spring
CDH5W41P4XST electricity, summer
QFH3ANB3G4T5 electricity, winter
7VHSLJ69QN2F electricityWithHeating, autumn
L9FJVQ33PT27 electricityWithHeating, spring
7CM9NPKRNWES electricityWithHeating, summer
DMK4GK5L2YN7 electricityWithHeating, winter
E6E10E4VYXP7 gas, autumn
B7EMKL9Z6T8P gas, spring
VS6ZD4QRGE0Q gas, summer
L6R92F8BOFY0 gas, winter
BR2BSAXVK64J oil, autumn
RBGWJF24TCZB oil, spring
QSCBH8GW5IKM oil, summer
SECBYU2YBB2A oil, winter
W3RQRZYVASHS solidFuel, autumn
J43JZVRL16QS solidFuel, spring
TB1HOU7SHBZI solidFuel, summer
1LH2AOBQRUN2 solidFuel, winter
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Name: UK_Seasonal_Alternative
Full path: /home/energy/uk/seasonal2
Parent Category: UK energy
Provenance: EST DEFRA AMEE