UK energy by price


This category contains CO2 emissions data associated with energy consumption in the UK, specified by price (£)

Setting the season profile item value to one of spring, summer, autumn or winter, will mean the monthly value will be adjusted according to the factors given in /home/energy/uk/seasonal.

383O5GB6QW14 biomass
632Y7MLUA2ZD coking coal
DZ1EG1LJL5FA electricity, direct debit
JQK9ASQUF08B electricity, normal
XAT9YG8TMDA7 electricity, prepayment
45B7FA4R96DG electricityE7, direct debit
I0TYMD42H8SZ electricityE7, normal
XBY5484027Z9 electricityE7, prepayment
AT1HV5VKDD32 gas, direct debit
PA186FZ92C96 gas, normal
33YS46SD8L9K gas, prepayment
YE1I5GH49AQW oil
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Name: UK_energy_by_price
Full path: /home/energy/uk/price
Parent Category: UK energy
Provenance: defra/est/amee average calendar year 2007