Car Defra By Type


This category is deprecated. The latest DEFRA methodology for car transport by market segment can be found here.

This category allows users to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from a car journey from indicating the car's type. The methodology follows the latest Defra emission factors and advice.

How to use this category

There are two drill-downs in this category.

Use the drill-down type to select the type of vehicle used from the following options.

  • mini
  • supermini
  • lower medium
  • upper medium
  • executive
  • luxury
  • sports
  • duel purpose 4x4
  • mpv
Use the second drill-down, fuel, to select the fuel used by the vehicle from the following options.

  • petrol
  • diesel
  • unknown - if fuel is unknown
The distance must then be entered as a profile item value. There are four further optional profile item values, occupants, ownFuelConsumption, numberOfJourneys and totalFuelConsumed.

The occupants profile item value is used to enter the number of people in the car for the selected journey (default 1). The emissions are then divided by the number of occupants in order to return the fraction of the emissions due to each person. The ownFuelConsumption can be entered if the user has a reliable value for their vehicles fuel consumption (default units of km/L). If this is entered then it overrides CarbonKit's default emission factors for the selected vehicle. The algorithm then divides the fuel emission factor, from the Fuel_Defra category, by the users ownFuelConsumption and multiplies by the distance. The numberOfJourneys profile item value (default 1) can be used if the specified journey has been repeated a number of times; the emissions for one journey are multiplied by this value. Finally, totalFuelConsumed can be entered if the volume of fuel used for the entire journey is known. In this case the volume of fuel is multiplied by the appropriate emission factor in the Fuel_Defra category.


If no fuel consumption information entered

CO2eEmissionFactor = CO2EF + CO2eEFForN2O + CO2eEFForCH4

CO2e = CO2eEmissionFactor * distance / occupants

If ownFuelConsumption entered

CO2eEmissionFactor from business/energy/fuel

CO2e = (CO2eEmissionFactor / ownFuelConsumption) * (distance / occupants)

If totalFuelConsumed entered

CO2eEmissionFactor from business/energy/fuel

CO2e = CO2eEmissionFactor * totalFuelConsumed

The algorithm returns a value of kgCO2e for the particular journey, per occupant. This value includes contributions from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.

ABB63PDINKER diesel, duel purpose 4x4
P8UIRZ8L2H6V diesel, executive
56LDKVNHSAC2 diesel, lower medium
X11L39TKXSFO diesel, luxury
R7RKOFXPYETW diesel, mini
N9QIDJRVPNTY diesel, mpv
ING6RV5TTJD3 diesel, sports
OHFOU5ZSZUZ6 diesel, supermini
2HO93LNSY7I0 diesel, upper medium
JOBJ87KV7UZP petrol, duel purpose 4x4
ZDKV6HFV9LGB petrol, executive
78PNAD60KUG1 petrol, lower medium
YR2L9ADTJ9TU petrol, luxury
89WTB3PYXDPD petrol, mini
W323KG6XY9XD petrol, mpv
47VABR639S0Y petrol, sports
XGJ86N9JGYNA petrol, supermini
UX99S3GFF9ZC petrol, upper medium
8AE6M61EX28I unknown, duel purpose 4x4
LVHHE450TN0E unknown, executive
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Name: Car_Defra_By_Type
Full path: /transport/car/generic/defra/bytype
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