EPA Stationary combustion of wood


The category /business/energy/stationaryCombustion/epa/wood contains data on the emissions associated with the burning of wood, sourced from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders initiative.

To use this category, select the type of wood using the type drill choice. Next specify the quantity of fuel consumed using either the energyConsumed or mass profile item values.

Emissions of CH4 and N2O vary according to the specific burning context under consideration. Users can specify the burning context using the burningContext profile item value with one of the following valid parameters;

  • residential
  • commercial
  • industry
  • electricity generation
If no burning context is explicitly specified the industry context is assumed by default. CarbonKit retrieves the appropriate emissions factors from the associated EPA dataset for CH4 and N2O emissions in which the options for wood and wood waste and kraft black liquor are repsented by the CH4 and N2O factors for 'wood' and 'pulping liquors' respectively.

Four quantities are returned, as follows:

  • CO2: CO2 emissions
  • CH4: CH4 (methane) emissions
  • N2O: N2O (nitrous oxide) emissions
  • CO2e: CO2e emissions (all three gases, converted using these global warming potential)
See here for information on using British thermal units (Btu's) with the CarbonKit platform

FE0KK1J9O2WU kraft black liquor, north american hardwood
P3M7QH7UZHB9 kraft black liquor, north american softwood
EG5MVQKWJM6W wood and wood waste
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Name: EPA_Stationary_combustion_of_wood
Full path: /business/energy/stationaryCombustion/epa/wood
Parent Category: EPA stationary combustion