EPA stationary combustion


The category /business/energy/stationaryCombustion/epa contains data on the burning of fossil fuels sourced from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders initiative. These calculation methodologies correspond to the Tier 1 approach described by the technical guidelines for the EPA's mandatory greenhouse gas reporting rule.

This category is organised into several subcategories representing the burning of coal, natural gas, petroleum-derived fuels and wood. In each case, calculations of CO2 emissions associated with the burning of fuel can be made based on either the quantity of energy or physical amount of fuel (i.e. mass or volume, as appropriate) consumed.

Users have the option of incorporating CH4 and N2O emissions into their calculations. Since these emissions depend on the combustion context, users requiring these emissions must additionally specific this context (e.g. 'residential', 'commercial', 'industry', 'electricity generation'). These emissions are based on the data in this lookup sub-category.

For further details, see the appropriate subcategories:

See here for information on using British thermal units (Btu's) with the CarbonKit platform

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