Electricity China By Province


Grid electricity methodology. Calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the generation of grid electricity. China.


This methodology represents CO2 emissions associated with the production of grid electricity in China. The data is based upon the Greenhouse Gas Protocol purchased electricity worksheet, version 4.2, published in July 2011.

The methodology

Emissions model

This methodology is based upon emissions factors which represent the rate at which emissions occur in relation to quantities of electricity consumed. Multiplying a quantity of electricity consumed by these emissions factors results in an estimate of the emissions associated with that quantity.

Model data

The emissions intensity of grid electricity in China varies according to specfic grid sub-regions. Each grid sub-region is represented by it's own characteristic emissions intensity related to the specific mix of generating technologies employed wihtin each region. This information is described within an associated dataset. This methodology contains a mapping from Chinese provinces to sub-regions of the Chinese grid network, thereby enabling the calculation of electricity associated emissions on the basis of state. 30 Indian states are represented, each mapped to one of 7 grid sub-regions which is, in-turn, represented by a characteristic CO2 emissions intensity.

Activity data required

The quantity of electricity generated is required to make a calculation.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol worksheets additionally provide functionality for the accounting of electricity usage in shared facilities. This calculation is based on the proportion of floor area which is under consideration (e.g. square feet of office space). In this case the 'responsible' and 'total' areas should also be provided.

Calculation and result

By default, the quantity returned represents the CO2 emissions associated with the state and the total quantity of energy specified. If values for the 'responsible' and 'total' areas are provided the returned value represents just the emissions attributable to the area under consdsideration.

40PDQPZ9DBN6 chongqing
PT6H2TB5F8QM fujian
G8F55K8JXG6N gansu
05BGKWPII35L guangxi
0J8MC18Q7GJX guizhou
RIVPE3B9CO6Q hainan
FL4846BXXYRA hebei
ETCAKERV0M82 heilongjiang
I6PKYPV1QM2K henan
UR21ATCX0JKY hubei
PNU9LZ510Y44 hunan
ZKF9H67I159O inner mongolia
XXFE1WAB8PBM jiangsu
1921SD5MHJ0U jiangxi
VR2QB10YLHNQ jilin
QR0HQFOWHZ8L liaoning
LVKB5LNT4H5T ningxia
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