Generic lime production


The category at business/processes/production/lime/production/generic provides a methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions associated with lime production. The methodology is based upon a generic emissions factor for CO2 emissions per quantity of lime produced, which assumes that lime is produced in the following proportion:

  • 85% high calcium lime
  • 15% dolomitic lime
The emissions factor is derived from this combination, together with the known stoichiometric relationships between CO2 emissions and the production of these types of lime.

This methodology represents the Tier 1 approach described by the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (NGGIP). If users have more specific data on the types and and properties of lime produced, they may want to use the Tier 2 methodology.

To use this category, simply create a profile item - there are no drill choices.

Next, specify the quantity of lime produced using the limeQuantity profile item value. The returned amount represents CO2 emissions associated with this quantity, based on the default emissions factor which assumes a typical mix of lime types.

Users can optionally override this default emissions factor and specify their own quantity of CO2 emissions per quantity of lime produced by setting the massPerMass profile item value.

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Name: Generic_lime_production
Full path: /business/processes/production/lime/production/generic
Parent Category: Lime production data
Provenance: IPCC-NGGIP