Lime production data


This category provides data and a methodology for calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from lime manufacturing using production data. Emissions are disaggregated on the bases of the types of lime produced and corrected for the production of any hydrated lime and any uncalcined lime kiln dust (LKD) that is not recycled to the kiln.

This methodology and associated data is sourced from the WRI Greenhouse Gas protocol worksheets but ultimately follows the IPCC 2006 Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. This cateogry represents the IPCC's Tier 2 approach.

Use the drill-down limeType to select the type of lime being used and enter the required profile item values listed below.


LKD correction factor = 1+ (lkdWeight / limeQuantity) * fracLkd * calcinationLKD

CO2 emissions = caoMgoRatio * stoicRatio * limeQuantity * (1 - (hydLime * waterLLime)) * LKD correction factor

8YBMOTRS1BBS Dolomitic Lime (developed countries)
MOQV29KA5969 Dolomitic Lime (developing countries)
26I87PMBXOFW High-calcium Lime
KIDQ1N3C4XHX Hydraulic Lime
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Name: Lime_production_data
Full path: /business/processes/production/lime/production
Parent Category: Lime
Provenance: Based on the GHG Protocol worksheet for lime production