Heating UK Floor Area


This category lists the typical floor areas for a variety of UK home types.

Note that this category is primarily a look-up category for /home/heating/uk.

5H7RACZVO5AT detached bungalow, 0
67G483U2UBRL detached bungalow, 1
AERF4RQZ3CNX detached bungalow, 2
T96SJMRWI3KQ detached bungalow, 3
ERU8MB7X3V6L detached bungalow, 4
5Y6P0BHPP79E detached bungalow, 5
AV1A6ZLVDGW3 detached bungalow, 6
MPJJA1EJZBI6 detached house, 0
KHGNSAA59DU2 detached house, 1
7DWIA4P124J5 detached house, 2
6RRFPHEFGB8C detached house, 3
FENVFIZN2RDV detached house, 4
PZ72XZZR67JI detached house, 5
SVF5Q5RT2GBQ detached house, 6
36DY805Z798R end-terrace house, 0
O79DKUZT97FT end-terrace house, 1
D3GK1IEQK8UO end-terrace house, 2
EKVG0U4ZC43U end-terrace house, 3
11CXG8MTTSQ5 end-terrace house, 4
ZLDPVPMVU7NP end-terrace house, 5
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Name: Heating_UK_Floor_Area
Full path: /home/heating/uk/floorareas
Parent Category: Heating uk
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