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This methodology models the emissions produced by a home in the UK. It is based on a cut-down version of RdSAP and was developed for the UK government's ActOnCO2 calculator. Information on insulation and renewable savings was provided by EST.

To make a calculation, the following parameters must be set:

  • age must be one of "pre 1930", "post 1995" or "1930-1995"
  • numberOfBedrooms must a number from 0 to 6
All other parameters do not have to set explicitly. The hasNoRenewables parameter defaults to true and all other parameters relating to renewables will be ignored unless it is set to false. The same is true of the hasNoInsulation parameter and other insulation-related parameters.

If calculations are stored using profiles, the number of people in the household can be specified using the profile metadata parameter peopleInHousehold. If so, this value will be used to determine the energy used for water heating, otherwise water heating will be determined the numberOfBedrooms value.

Also in the case of calculations stored using profiles, in addition to the returned kgCO2 value, the algorithm sets spaceHeatingCO2 and waterHeatingCO2 parameters in units of kgCO2 per year. In some cases (e.g. coal open fires), the algorithm will assume that the water heating is electric and it will set isWaterHeatingElectric to true. The algorithm will set solarHotWaterEnergySaved and renewableElectricitySavedCO2 in units of kWh per year if the relevant parameters are set to true.

LFS06T266EKM detached bungalow, biomass
4G5DJK8P42U1 detached bungalow, coal
69NKWBQ56D2V detached bungalow, electricity
APBO7P6OFF9C detached bungalow, gas
VJL2XWP45M5D detached bungalow, lpg
0ATVNGSLR8RF detached bungalow, oil
HD5JF3BSCKVM detached house, biomass
0J43RPO9SJRO detached house, coal
8XMEHPFIMZIG detached house, electricity
F656YAV7KYX7 detached house, gas
N1HI6PIAAZEU detached house, lpg
DI203JI40XI2 detached house, oil
0NHOQP3SWME1 end-terrace house, biomass
KUS1PPM56CA0 end-terrace house, coal
7YUISM6Y7I0W end-terrace house, electricity
PFP7IT57GOAW end-terrace house, gas
2VXXYURG8Z1N end-terrace house, lpg
CTFHMGKH231Z end-terrace house, oil
EF4X01JK7DXA flat, biomass
S6R6VP25DQSF flat, coal
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Provenance: RdSAP,EST