Plane freighting


The category /transport/plane/generic/freight contains data on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with plane transported freight sourced from DEFRA. See the WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol subcategories for data and methodologies representing other geographic scopes.

To use this category, select the type of flight (domestic, short-haul, long-haul) using the type drill down option. Definitions of these, in terms of distance or duration, are given in the Generic plane transport documentation. Then, specify the distance and mass of the freight transported by setting the distance and mass profile item values. The returned value represents the mass of CO2 emitted in associated with the specified freighting.

ECWUQB9PATO8 domestic
42TQC0QJVGUD long haul
ATIQERUSKW69 short haul
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Name: Plane_freighting
Full path: /transport/plane/generic/freight
Parent Category: Generic plane transport
Provenance: DEFRA