User defined plane emissions


The category at /transport/plane/generic/distance allows users to specify their own landing-take-off cycle (a fixed amount per flight) and cruise phase (proportional to distance travelled) emissions factors for air transport, following a methodology proposed by the GHG Protocol (worksheet ''CO2 emissions from transport or mobile sources'', (v1.3)).

Default emissions factors are included reflecting those derived by the GHG Protocol from earlier DEFRA data.

To use this category, use a drill-down to specify the type of plane is normal and specify the following profile values for your item:

  • distance (distance travelled)
  • passengers (number of passengers you are accounting for)

If you enter only these values, the default takeoff and cruising emissions factors proposed by the GHGP will be used. You may, however, override these by specifying your own values using the following profile items:

  • cruising (CO2 emissions ''per passenger, per unit distance'' for the cruise phase)
  • takeOffAndLanding (CO2 emissions ''per passenger'' for the LTO cycle'')

PF94UY0D2GDF Normal
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Name: User_defined_plane_emissions
Full path: /transport/plane/generic/distance
Parent Category: Generic plane transport