IAI lime production


The category business/processes/production/lime/production/iai provides a methodology for calculating the emissions associated with lime production. The methodology is sourced from The Aluminium Sector Greenhouse Gas Protocol published by the International Aluminium Institute in conjunction with the WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The methodology is based on the quantity and purity of 'quick' (calcium oxide; CaO) and 'slaked' (calcium hydroxide; Ca(OH)2) lime produced. The CO2 emissions associated with this lime production is based on the known ratio in which lime and CO2 are produced during carbonate calcination.

To use this category, simply create a data item - there are no drill choices.

Next, specify the quantities of quick and slaked lime produced using the massQuickLimePerTime and massSlakedLimePerTime profile item values. The value returned represents CO2 emissions associated with those quantities.

By default, purities of 95% are assumed for each type of lime production. Users can override these values and set their own purities if known, by using the purityQuickLime and puritySlakedLime profile item values respectively. These should be expressed as decimal fractions (i.e. 0-1).

QHAKH6DKTBY2 lime production
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Name: IAI_lime_production
Full path: /business/processes/production/lime/production/iai
Parent Category: Lime production data